Lest we forget Twilight

One day on train Stephanie Meyer thought of an idea that was set to take the world by storm. Seven years later the magic of twilight has finally come to an end leaving a void in the hearts of many twihards. The long and emotional ride saw all of us through the fast paced journey of love, family, commitment and eternal life.

For all those that where never fans the twilight series is a story of a girl that falls for a 104year old guy. The plot evolves around their seemingly unusual love coupled up with a love triangle involving a werewolf and feuds with the vampire governing board. The gripping suspense surrounding the eventual transformation of the girl ‘Bella’ eventually came true in the grand finale Breaking dawn.

The success of the movie series could never had been possible had it not been for the excellent soundtrack choice put together excellent directors. From the black ghosts and Full moon to Christina Perry and her heart gripping a thousand years, the series saw such tunes becoming theme songs of so many people’s lives.

As it is laid to rest the series will forever be remembered as one that will forever be a part of our lives.

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